What do I do if I have found a pet?  By law all stray animals must be turned in to Henry County Animal Control at 527 Hampton Street in McDonough for a stray period to give their owners a chance to find and reclaim them.  After 4 business days property rights are severed if an owner does not reclaim the pet is then available for rescue, adoption, or euthanasia.  We do not take in stray found pets.

What do I do if my pet is missing?  Please be sure to visit Henry County Animal Control at 527 Hampton Street in McDonough to look for your missing pet.  We do not take in stray pets.

How can I adopt?  We ask that each potential adopter complete our preliminary adoption application, it does not commit you to adopting but rather helps us get to know you and make sure you are the right home for the pet you are interested in.

Why do you require a previous vet history?  Many of our pets arrived in less than good health and have gone through long term medical treatment.   We do everything in our power to revitalize and restore these dogs and cats who didn’t ask to be neglected and abandon.  The only way we can get to know you as a pet parent is to look at your past, your vet history with your pets, to know if routine exams, vaccinations, and heartworm prevention are part of your caregiving.

Why is your adoption fee so expensive?  We feel our adoption fee is minimal considering the cost of fully vetting our pets.  Some of our dogs and cats require thousands of dollars worth of lifesaving medical attention to get healthy and become adoptable.

I already have pets, what else can I do to help?  We always need dedicated animal loving volunteers to help out in all area’s.  Volunteers must be 18 .  If you do not wish to volunteer inside the shelter or at off site events perhaps you would enjoy community outreach projects.  There is something for everyone to do.  Contact us at info@henryhumane.com for more information and a volunteer packet.