Kuranda beds (we have a link on our website)

Fleece crate pads

18″ we need 6 of these for the cat room

24″ we need 5 of these for PetSmart cages

30″ we need 2 of these

30″ Midwest brand suitcase folding crate, black we need 2 of these

6″Midwest brand suitcase folding crate, black we need 2 of these

24″ exercise pen

36″ exercise pen

Pill pockets Greenies brand (can use several)

Organic type dog biscuits small

Organic type dog biscuits large

Oatmeal type dog shampoo

Slicker style brushes for dogs

Slicker style brushes for cats

Small flat style stainless dog dishes for our short nosed dogs #4

New water buckets flat back style at Horse Town (all of ours are chewed)

Liquid laundry detergent

Bleach regular (not scented)

Rubbermaid mop bucket (at Sams)

Mop handles (at Sams)

Brooms (can get at Sams)

Dryer sheets


Paper towels

Grooming certificates (Pet Kingdom, Bark Avenue, VIP Grooming (approximately $45.00)

Cardboard cat scratchers with catnip

Cat food (Science Diet advanced protection) at PetSmart

Miracle Maid corner litter box without lid (at PetSmart)

Clipper blades Oster brand #7, #10, #40 (at PetSmart)

Dog toys — stuffless preferred

Nyla bones all sizes wolf, giant etc.

Pee pads

Canned dog food (Pedigree Pate style preferred)

Scoopable cat litter (Fresh Step or Tidy Cat)

PetSmart gift cards

Walmart gift cards

Visa gift card

Sponsor a dog spay $75

Sponsor a dog neuter $70

Sponsor a replacement doggie door — $55 each